Vietnamese Fried Tofu w/ Tomato Sauce – Dau Sot Ca Chua


Here’s a dish I enjoyed a lot growing up. It’s a very simple fried tofu and tomato dish (Dau Sot Ca Chua) that is one of my fav comfort foods! As a kid I ate this a lot, but never even considered the work my parents or grandma would put into making this (I appreciate it much more […]


Thịt Kho Recipe – (Vietnamese Braised Pork with Eggs)

Thit Kho - Vietnamese pork belly and boiled eggs

This thịt kho recipe is a low and slow braise so the meat is going to be reeeeally tender. In this recipe we’re going to use pork belly because the fat on the meat tastes awesome! If you can get pork belly with the bones, you’ll have even better results. My ideal ratio of pork for […]


How to Make: Nuoc Mau (Caramel Sauce)

What you need: 4 tablespoons sugar (enough for my thit kho recipe) 1/2 cup of warm water silicone spatula (I like that it’s non stick, but you can use anything, really. Just don’t scratch up your pan.) What to do: Add sugar to the pan on 50% heat. 50% is low enough to control the […]