My Essential Kitchen Gadgets

These are the tools that are essential to my kitchen that you’ve probably seen in some of my recipe photos. They make working in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Some of them really let me geek out! Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without these.

All of these items are ones that I use and love. Feel free to contact me if you ever have questions about these gadgets! When you purchase any items through the links on this page, Hungry Huy receives a small commission.

Shun 8" chef knifeShun Chef Knives – I tried out a few other brands in the store and ended up going with Shun brand knives. This had a nice balance between weight, feel, blade thinness, and elegant design. I’ve heavily used mine for over 10 years and all it takes is the occasional sharpening. I suspect these will last a lifetime. An 8″ model is comfortable for me (I’m 5’11” tall if that helps), but sometimes I wish I went with the 10″ model.

epicurean-cutting-boardEpicurean Cutting Board – The 18″x 13″ board is the perfect size for my kitchen. You should get the biggest board you can, given your counter space and sink space for washing it. This one is thin, but super durable, and can take the beating from my knives. Cheap plastic boards get knife damage easily, and are difficult to disinfect. Get an NSF rated one like this, for the sake of your health!

zyliss-spatulaZyliss Silicone Spatulas – I’m a stickler about not chipping non-stick pans, so I hate-hate-hate using metal or even wood utensils on non-stick surfaces unless I have to. These spatulas are durable, heat resistant, and are perfect for “scraping” every last bit of batter when baking, or making fried eggs. FYI: they seem to have discontinued the white color.

perfect-beakerThe Perfect Beaker – I hope you aren’t using dry measuring cups to measure liquids. They’re really not equivalent! This beaker has every liquid measurement you could need on the side, and it’s sloped walls are designed to accurately measure liquids.

polder-probe-thermometerPolder Probe Thermometer – This thermometer has been very useful for learning how to cook. It’s great to measure everything from frying oil temperature to checking meat doneness. The wire probe is separate from the electronic unit so it lets you do things like monitor the temp of your steak or roasts in the oven!

electric-kettleBonavita Electric Kettle – The fastest and most convenient way to boil water. It is way faster and more efficient than boiling water on the stove. It even has an auto shut-off feature when it hits a boil so you can safely press the button and walk away. This kettle makes brewing my morning coffee so much more enjoyable.

cj4000-digital-scaleJennings CJ4000 Digital Scale – Did I mention I can get crazy about details? I originally got this food scale to measure coffee beans for a precise brew, however it’s very useful for measuring food. For baking, precision is required, so a scale is non-negotiable. For everyday cooking, this feeds my OCD for accuracy. How else are you supposed to replicate what 1 “cup” of flour is? or 1/4 “cup” of basil?

virtuosoBaratza Virtuoso – This coffee grinder, paired with a Hario V60 pourover, gets me through my day. Grinding and adjusting grind size is a breeze. I only brew pourovers but different coffee beans and the age of the beans require some tweaking for the perfect brew. I shopped around for an electric grinder with a consistent, coarse grind for pourover and nothing in the low end combined those features as well as this lil guy.

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