using chopsticks with various foods

How To Use Chopsticks (Step By Step w/ Video)

I’m not sure if there’s a ‘correct’ way to use chopsticks, but there’s definitely an optimal way to do it. Don’t get me wrong, most people I know make up their own way to do it and they’ve gotten by just fine for decades. However, if you’re new to the chopstick game or simply want to improve your skills, there’s…

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pandan leaves, tied into a knot

What are pandan leaves? & Pandan extract recipe

In most parts of Asia, pandan is a well-known aromatic ingredient in dishes ranging from savory to sweet. Pandan leaves have a unique sweet and The pandan plant is a type of screwpine plant that is native to South and Southeast Asia. These leaves are similar in appearance to palm leaves for it’s long and narrow size and green color.…

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What is PFOA? Does PFOA-Free Cookware Matter?

Your trusty omelette pan starts showing some age. Let’s face it, you’ve been needing to replace it for a long time now. You’ve seen new pan technologies pop up and wanted to dedicate some time to shop around and “do some research.” Boy oh boy. There’s a lot to know, and maybe not so much you need to know. We’ll…

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waffle texture closeup

Pandan Waffle Recipe (Bánh Kẹp Lá Dứa)

Any waffle lover can attest to the intoxicating aroma of waffles hot off the iron. This pandan waffle recipe takes it up a notch (and in a Vietnamese / southeast Asian direction) with its sweet aroma of pandan, rich coconutty taste, chewy mochi center, and a crispy outer texture. If you can source pandan leaves, either frozen or fresh, the…

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two bottles of oyster sauce

What is Oyster Sauce? & Substitute Suggestions

What is oyster sauce? My very first introduction to oyster sauce was Chinese Broccoli at a dim sum restaurant. Oyster sauce coats these substantial stems like a shimmery viscous blanket, balancing its steamy neutralness with a blend of umami and sweet. Not only is it the cosmically perfect accompaniment to Kai-lan (aka Chinese Broccoli), oyster sauce is often used for…

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sinh to bo, avocado smoothie

Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie Recipe (Sinh Tố Bơ)

This smoothie recipe puts avocados in the dessert category with its rich, nutty flavor and extra chunky texture that’s made by using frozen Haas avocados. Avocados were originally introduced to Vietnam by the French and became fairly popular ever since. During my recent trip to Vietnam, I noticed an abundance of street vendors selling avocado shakes and smoothies (sinh tố…

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two kinds of inari on plates

Inari Sushi Recipe (Inarizushi: Tofu Skin & Rice)

While you can find inari sushi or inarizushi at sushi restaurants, this super simple recipe is here to fulfill your cravings and it’s only made up of two simple ingredients: sushi rice and sweet and savory seasoned, deep-fried tofu pockets. What is inari sushi? The plain deep-fried tofu pockets are called “aburaage” and are made of soybeans. When aburaage are…

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california roll with chopsticks

California Roll Recipe

I’ll admit it, I love California rolls–tasty crab-infused kani, crunchy cucumbers, and fatty avocado wrapped in a rice and seaweed roll. Even though I mostly eat traditional nigiri these days, I loved eating California rolls as a kid, and it’s where my love of sushi started. This recipe has some tips and tricks to get you started on your sushi…

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vegetable tempura plate

Vegetable Tempura Batter Recipe

Have you ever turned down fried vegetables? Me neither. This vegetable tempura recipe will satiate any fried food cravings with its light, airy, and crispy texture and flavorful tetsuya dipping sauce. This recipe reminds me a lot of my crispy fried tofu, but with vegetables; You get the extra crunchiness and a nice surprise on the inside. History of tempura…

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shrimp tempura cooling on a rack

Shrimp Tempura Recipe

Light and crispy tendrils of fried goodness in each bite, who can say no to shrimp tempura? After ordering shrimp tempura so many times at restaurants and savoring the delicious crunchy exterior, I couldn’t resist making it at home. This easy and quick shrimp tempura recipe will have your guests coming back for more. What is shrimp tempura? Interestingly, tempura…

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jars of Vietnamese yogurt (sua chua)

Vietnamese Yogurt Recipe (Sữa Chua/Da Ua)

Why buy store bought yogurt when you can make this sweet, tangy, and fresh Vietnamese yogurt recipe at home for a fraction of the price? Even though I can go to local Vietnamese stores like Bánh Mì Chè Cali (or Hien Khanh, who seems to have stopped selling it) who supply fresh yogurt nearby, making it at home is easy…

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all varieties of bottled vinegar

Vinegar Substitutes

What is vinegar? Many of us are familiar with vinegar and its status as a fundamental ingredient in the kitchen, but have you ever questioned what exactly it is? Quite simply, the term “vinegar” is from the French term “vin aigre,” which means sour wine. Vinegar is made when you take a food source with sugar (think grapes, honey, or…

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