How to Make: Lechon Kawali (part 1)

I’ve been wanting to take a whack lechon kawali for a long time now. The first one I tried was made by the GF’s mom about 18 months ago and it was soo addicting. Lechon kawali is a Filipino dish literally meaning pan-fried pork. Technically, it is first braised, then pan-fried pork belly. I’ve looked around for recipes and finally…

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brewed vietnamese coffee

How To Make Vietnamese Coffee (Cà Phê Sữa Đá)

Vietnamese coffee is an intensely strong and sweet coffee, that’s sure to dissolve your morning daze and perk you up for the day. Its dark roast coffee and potent condensed milk, slowly dripped through a metal filter (phin) make this a unique coffee. In Vietnam, coffee, whether it’s brewed and served at home or in restaurants, is brewed leisurely (i.e.…

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goi cuon rolls and dipping sauce

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe (Gỏi Cuốn) w/ Peanut Dipping Sauce

This traditional Vietnamese Spring Roll recipe (gỏi cuốn) is a fresh and healthy recipe, full of veggies, lean meat, and shrimp so you can chow down with less guilt :). Made from just rice and water, the rice paper (bánh tráng) could be easily used for lots of other things. At one Vietnamese market, over five brands of this stuff. All with multi-lingual packaging: Vietnamese,…

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bowl of tofu in tomato sauce

Vietnamese Fried Tofu w/ Tomato Sauce – Đậu Sốt Cà Chua

This is a very simple fried tofu and softened tomatoes (dậu sốt cà chua), seasoned with fish sauce and quickly simmered, topped with sliced scallions and served with hot fluffy rice. It’s a dish I enjoyed a lot growing up, that mom and grandma could whip up in half an hour. And if you can buy pre-fried tofu, you can…

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Thit Kho - Vietnamese pork belly and boiled eggs

Thịt Kho Recipe – (Vietnamese Braised Pork with Eggs)

This Vietnamese thịt kho recipe is a low and slow braise with suuuper tender and flavorful pork, with hard-boiled eggs that have absorbed all the seasoning too. It’s traditionally served around the lunar new year because of how well it keeps after cooking. It’s savory, salty, and slightly sweet seasoned mainly with fish sauce and soy sauce paired with hard-boiled eggs.…

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nuoc mau / caramel color reduced in a pan

Vietnamese Caramel Sauce Recipe (Nước Màu)

Nước Màu, or caramel sauce is added for color in a lot of Vietnamese recipes, and it’s easy to make! All you need is sugar and water. This recipe makes enough for my thịt kho recipe, but you can easily triple or quadruple this recipe to store in the fridge. It’s currently tailored to be more liquidy for Thịt Kho.…

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