Viet shaken beef / bo luc lac

Bò Lúc Lắc Recipe (Vietnamese Shaking Beef)

Seared, fatty ribeye with aromatic onions paired with the sweet and citric flavors of tomato rice. Can you feel your mouth watering? Bò lúc lắc is a very accessible dish because it has the familiar taste of steak and onions with a twist. It’s most popularly called “shaking beef,” but makes more sense as “shaken beef” to me (because it’s

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draining fried brussels sprouts

Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe

These Brussels sprouts are not your everyday roasted sprouts, these are DEEP FRIED, and that’s what makes them super duper crispy. No, these are not the most healthy greens to eat for dinner, but if you want an extra crunch as a side these are perfect! These crispy Brussels sprouts taste more in-line with a healthier version of potato chips

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chicken karaage plates

Chicken Karaage Recipe (Japanese Fried Chicken)

Try to say “karaage” without salivating just a little. These little nuggets of chicken simultaneously give you a satisfying crunch on the outside and juicy tenderness on the inside. I love all variations of fried chicken whether that is southern or Korean fried chicken, but this Japanese variety is mind blowing. I can eat this for 5 days straight and

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glasses of thai iced tea

Thai Iced Tea Recipe (Easy Homemade Thai Tea)

I almost always NEED to order Thai iced tea when we eat Thai food. If you’ve ever had the chance to try Thai iced tea, you know this orange-colored, sweet concoction is best served cold with lots and lots of ice. Ordering this refreshing drink goes hand in hand with all the spicy and delicious entrees we order at Thai

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Crispy Belgian Waffles Recipe

Please take my word for it, that these Belgian waffles are the crispiest waffles I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. Yes they look normal on the outside, but they are SO crispy that I almost feel they aren’t waffles. Just, trust. My generous friend and her generous family are so kind to invite us into their home, and on

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Vietnamese bò kho / beef stew

Bò Kho Recipe (Vietnamese Beef Stew)

Vietnamese bò kho (beef stew) is packed with tender, fall-apart braised chunks of beef loaded with herbs, aromatics and a delicious broth that will have you coming back with more Vietnamese baguette! Similar to thịt kho, this slow braise / stew is easy to make, and the longer you cook it the softer the meat gets. It’s an incredibly satisfying

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Mì Khô Xá Xíu Recipe (Vietnamese Dry Noodles w/Char Siu Pork)

This mì khô recipe, aka dry egg noodles, is one of those amazing comfort foods that somehow just always hits the spot. The bulk of the bowl is egg noodles with a concentrated seasoning (that you don’t get in the soupy version!), flavor infused xa xiu/char siu pork, fresh scallions, crisp bean sprouts, a side of hot soup broth with

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Vietnamese Pork Chop Recipe (Sườn Nướng)

This quintessential rice dish of Vietnamese pork chops is packed with flavor, super easy to make, and a crowd pleaser! The marinade adds a ton of garlicky, lemongrassy flavor that pairs great with the pork chops. Grilling adds an amazing aroma and sear, and as if the chops aren’t flavorful enough, they’re topped with scallions & oil. It comes with

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How To Make Ramen Eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago)

Luxuriously gelatinous yolks of the ramen egg, aka ajitsuke tamago, are worth getting excited over. They add a firmer texture and seasoning to the whites, as well as mamking the yolks much more mesmerizing and jammy. In fact, I am pretty disappointed when a ramen shop doesn’t have these. (Santouka you are my favorite ramen spot but but what are

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How To Make Sushi Rice (Easy Japanese Sushi Rice Recipe)

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE going to sushi bars but don’t always want to leave the house, or pay $50+ for sushi. Learning this sushi rice recipe has saved me from spending a ton of extra money at sushi restaurants. It’s not much harder than just making plain white rice really. What rice to use for sushi As long

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bowl of Vietnamese mien ga with sprig of cilantro nearby

Miến Gà Recipe (Vietnamese Chicken Soup w/ Glass Noodles)

Miến gà is a super simple and delicious Vietnamese chicken soup with cellophane noodles. Topped with an herb mixture of cilantro and onions that always reminds me of Vietnamese food–we’d always have a plastic container of this stuff when soup was on for the week. This is an excellent recipe for new cooks to start with since it’s pretty hard

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cold jasmine milk tea with boba and sea salt cream

Boba Milk Tea Recipe (Bubble Tea w/ Sea Salt Cream)

A strong tea flavor, the right amount of boba, freshly cooked boba pearls to the right doneness (surprisingly important), and sweetness tailored to your taste means the perfect cup of boba milk tea. TBH, I’ve had many poorly prepared boba drinks, so making it yourself means total control, and it’s fun to make! Let’s keep it real though. It may

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