Beast Blender and infuser

Beast Blender Review: Testing the $185 Blender & Infuser

Curiosity got the better of me to find out why it’s the gotta-have appliance I can’t avoid seeing on social media. So, I plunked down $185 (without the hydration bottle, it’s $155.) for the full Beast experience to test this purportedly smoothie-blending marvel myself.

fluffed Korean purple rice

Korean Purple Rice Recipe (In a Rice Cooker)

Slightly nutty, plump, and chewy with vibrant hues of violet, this Korean purple rice recipe is satisfying to eat because of the texture, but it also has added health benefits of the black rice. If you’ve ever wondered how to make the purple-colored side dish commonly found at Korean restaurants, this recipe will show you an easy ratio to follow…

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best miso paste substitutes

Best Miso Paste Substitutes: 7 Alternative Ingredients

With its distinct flavor, miso paste is an excellent addition to any recipe. Japanese cuisine relies heavily on this ingredient, but it’s not something you’ll find in most Western kitchens. So if you don’t have miso paste on hand to use in your recipe, you’ll have to come up with an alternative.  Keep in mind that the flavor of miso…

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Costco Wholesale storefront

Is Costco Membership Worth It?

A basic Gold Star membership at Costco costs $60 annually ($120 for the Executive tier), so you would need to save at least $60 in purchases for your membership to be worth it. Costco is famous for its deep markdowns and overall lower prices on anything from mixed nuts to widescreen TVs. I compared Costco’s prices to its competitors, and…

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bunches of chives and green onions

Chives vs. Green Onions vs. Scallions: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the subtle differences between scallions, green onions, and chives can help you improve the flavor of your food. Unfortunately, it is common for these ingredients to be confused with one another because they share many similarities in appearance. I’ll show you how to identify them, as well as their uses and proper storage so that you can achieve the…

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homemade miso jar

What Is Miso Paste? What It’s Made Of & How To Use It

Miso is a fermented soybean paste that is nutritious and has a distinct umami flavor. Soups and ramen can be given a boost of flavor with just a small amount of this Japanese staple ingredient. In addition to its savory flavor, miso is also beneficial to your health. Miso paste contains probiotics which are healthy bacteria that may help boost…

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group of box graters

The 8 Best Cheese Graters

After testing eight box graters, I was surprised by the notable differences between them. A few were made of a high-grade stainless steel and had razor-sharp grating blades that could easily rip half your finger off. This better type of box grater – like KitchenAid, OXO Good Grips, and Cuisipro – could also turn out slices, discs, half-moons, and curls of vegetables.

rice flour vs glutionous rice flour

Rice Flour vs. Glutinous Rice Flour: Key Differences

Rice flour and glutinous rice flour are often mistaken for each other by many people. It could be due to similarities in the names of the ingredients, leading to an incorrect assumption about the ingredients. We’ll go over each type of clour, how they’re used in cooking, and when each can be substituted when you’re running low. Also, I’m sharing…

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wood chips, pellets, and smoker box

Best Wood for Smoking Meat: Chicken, Beef, Fish & More

If you’re a diehard bbq or smoked brisket lover, smoking your own food at home can open up all sorts of doors to customization, and make for a really fun way to host.  I hear you, it sounds a bit daunting especially if you’ve never smoked meat before, but this guide will help you learn which types of wood to…

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white balmuda toaster oven

Balmuda “The Toaster” Review

Gadget lover, food nerd, toast connoisseur–all things I strive to be. At around $300, this highly specialized, compact, and attractive looking metal box piqued my interested. Balmuda’s “The Toaster” had a line of enthusiasts waiting for its release on US soil, and now that it’s available, I had to see what the fuss was about.

banh cuon plate with herbs, veggies, fish sauce

Bánh Cuốn / Bánh Ướt Recipe (Vietnamese Rice Rolls)

Bánh cuốn alwats gets me more EXCITED than anyone I know. Trust me there’s something really fun about polishing a plate of these. Perhaps its the little individual rolls and unlimited combination of sides you can do that make each bite fun to craft and slightly different from the last. But any way you combine them it’s delicious for sure.…

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bowl of Tiktok ramen

TikTok Ramen

Instant ramen is always a treat but what if we upgraded it? If you like a combination of sweet, spicy, and salty flavors, then you need to try this TikTok ramen recipe. This ramen recipe uses ingredients that you can find at home and is a new twist of traditional prepackaged ramen.  What is TikTok ramen? TikTok ramen is a…

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