the best restaurants in Costa Mesa

The 17 Best Restaurants in Costa Mesa (From A Local!)

My first apartment after moving away from home was a stone’s throw away from South Coast Plaza. And since then, for about 20 years I’ve called Orange County home. This means exploring lots of fun and experiencing the best restaurants in Costa Mesa. Not five minutes away from beach, the airport, University of California, Irvine, and the world famous South…

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shallots vs. green onions

What Are Shallots? (Shallots vs. Onions & Green Onions)

Like garlic, leeks, and onions, shallots are an allium family vegetable that contributes flavor and aroma to a dish. Prior to reaching India and the Mediterranean, they are thought to have originated in Southeast Asia. Nowadays, we use shallots in French and Southeast Asian cuisines. They are a typical ingredient in home kitchens and restaurants because of their versatility and…

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best restaurants in Austin

The 17 Best Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Austin definitely holds its own as a food destination. I feel a sense of home while being here, with lots of food to explore that’s still different than what I have at home. The thriving bar scene really does feel like home in Orange County, California and San Diego, California too. There’s a thriving coffee scene with dozens of small…

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carbon steel vs cast iron cookware

Carbon Steel vs. Cast Iron Pans: Key Differences

If you’re deciding between carbon steel and cast iron, it’s a good idea to consider their similarities and differences. It may surprise you to learn that carbon steel cookware has less carbon and more iron, whereas cast iron cookware has more carbon and less iron. Carbon steel cookware is 98-99% iron and 1-2% carbon, whereas cast iron has up to…

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Kewpie mayo bottle

What is Kewpie Mayo? (w/ Kewpie Mayo Recipe)

Rich in texture and eggy flavor, this umami-bomb of a condiment is more than just your everyday mayonnaise–Kewpie has a fairly large following around the world and it’s no surprise because it is delicious! Learn more about this Japanese favorite, how to use it, and even how to make a homemade version at home if you can’t find it. Kewpie…

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Asian baked chicken thighs

Juicy Baked Chicken Thighs (With an Asian Twist)

Chicken thighs are anything but ordinary when you marinade them with an Asian inspired sauce full of umami flavors like soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil. These easy baked chicken thighs are perfect if you want a quick recipe that you can make in larger batches for meal prep too. Selecting and preparing the chicken This recipe calls for…

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Anyday microwaveable cookware set

Anyday Cookware Review: Testing $140 Microwaveable Bowls

I never expected microwaveable dishes to become a social-media darling. Since Anyday Cookware launched a year ago, it’s been impossible to avoid their ads. It’s been rapturously reviewed as the best thing since, well, the microwave, and has the infamously temper-tantrum-prone chef David Chang attached as a company partner. Anyday Cookware is supposed to change the way we use a microwave, so I bought a set and put it to the test.

making Korean bbq at home

The Complete Guide to Korean BBQ at Home

After almost two decades of eating Korean barbecue at dozens of restaurants and waiting in line for hours on end to satiate that never-ending kbbq craving, I’ve finally started hosting kbbq at home. This post will give you the best tips and tricks on how to host a fun KBBQ night at home with your friends and family.  What is…

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pesto eggs on toast

Pesto Eggs

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a quick breakfast and you happen to have some leftover pesto from the night before, then let me introduce you to a fun new way to eat fried eggs on toast–the pesto egg! This open-faced pesto egg sandwich is full of herby, garlicky flavors, and the richness of fried eggs on top of…

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bamboo steamer with tongs, saute pan and stove

How To Use A Bamboo Steamer

Steaming is a frequently overlooked cooking technique. It is a cooking method that uses moist heat, by which water is brought to a boil and turns into steam, transferring heat to the food and cooking it. Steaming is a great way to make delicious and healthy dishes since you don’t need to use oil to help cook the food. Cooking…

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sriracha sauce bottle

What Is Sriracha Sauce? What It’s Made Of & How To Use It

It’s no secret that sriracha, a red hot sauce famous in Southeast Asian cuisine, has become a national sensation in recent years. It was made famous by Huy Fong Foods, the company that helped popularize it using sun-ripened chilies pureed into a smooth paste. Although sriracha sauce is spicy and peppery, sriracha itself is not a pepper.  To be precise,…

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