pouring out lit charcoal from chimney starter

How to Start a Charcoal Grill (Without Lighter Fluid!)

I love to grill and wanted to share with you the best way to light a charcoal grill. For many, many years prior to this I’d just spray a ton of lighter fluid on the coals and try to light it. It wouldn’t stay lit for more than a few seconds, and even if you managed to not spray any…

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Costo party food, props, signs

The Ultimate Costco Party: Appetizers, Food, Props & Jokes

Let’s be clear, like most ideas with my family, this all started as a joke. We would daydream about all the elements we’d need to make the joke or dream happen. On this rare occasion, the planets aligned and we turned joke into reality. The Costco party seed was planted. This is NOT a sponsored post, unfortunately. This post is…

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salmon rice bowl w avocado

TikTok Salmon Rice Bowl

Rich and spicy flavors of salmon, Kewpie mayonnaise, and sriracha on a bed of plump short-grain rice–this salmon rice bowl didn’t go viral for nothing. If you’ve been curious about trying the new Tiktok trend for salmon and rice bowls, then learn how to make it just the way Emily Mariko intended, but also learn small tweaks to customize it…

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how to reheat rice

4 Easy Ways To Reheat Leftover Rice

If you’ve ended up with too much rice for leftovers after a party or a big dinner, and you don’t know how to reheat it the next morning, then you’ll be happy to learn there are many different ways to reheat rice.  Can you eat cold rice? As long as you’ve properly cooled and stored your rice after cooking, it’s…

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Aroma rice cookers with cooked rice bowls

Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions & Recipe

The two types of Aroma rice cookers we’ll cover in this post Sometimes cooking rice can be a bit of a hurdle, but we’re here to help. We tested two of the most popular rice cookers on the market, the Aroma Select Stainless® Rice & Grain Cooker and the Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker.  The Aroma Select Stainless® Rice…

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bowl of white basmati rice

How To Cook Basmati Rice In a Rice Cooker (White & Brown)

If you want tender, light, and fluffy basmati rice in a hands-free, no-fuss method then try out making it with a rice cooker. This recipe will teach you how to make both white and brown basmati rice with perfect results using a rice cooker.  Can you cook basmati rice in a rice cooker? Cooking basmati rice in a rice cooker…

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best restaurants in Oahu, Hawaii

The 15 Best Restaurants in Oahu, Hawaii

Every time we go to Hawaii, it’s so exciting because it’s an opportunity to eat at new restaurants and try new foods, but also return to our favorites. After scouring new lists online, making reservations, and finally getting to try many restaurants, bars, and to-go stalls, we’ve accumulated a list of some of our must-try foods in Hawaii (or just…

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the best asian snacks

The 25 Best Asian Snacks From My Childhood

If you grew up near an Asian supermarket like 99 Ranch or Lion Market store in your childhood, then you likely grew up eating a wide variety of Asian snacks. If you were not fortunate enough to have this experience, then here’s your chance to make up for it by discovering some of the best Asian snacks and treats available. …

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pouring a glass of pomegranate juice

How To Make Pomegranate Juice

Sweet and slightly tangy pomegranate juice is at your fingertips. Get fresh pomegranate juice by deseeding them like a pro and juicing them with a blender at home with this recipe.  What’s a pomegranate? Pomegranates are a fruit-bearing shrub plant that originated from Iran and North India in 3500 BCE. Cultivation quickly spread through the Mediterranean and now it’s all…

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sushi rice in a hangiri

How to Make Sushi Rice in a Rice Cooker

This sumeshi (or vinegared sushi rice) recipe will give you perfectly plump and seasoned sushi rice that can be topped with fresh slices of fish, in temaki (handrolls), California rolls, or spicy tuna rolls. This recipe will take you from the very beginning of making rice in a rice cooker to mixing flavorful seasonings properly over plump rice granules using…

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instant pot basmati rice bowl

Perfect Instant Pot Basmati Rice Recipe

Perfectly plump grains of white basmati rice for any meal–this Instant Pot basmati rice recipe will make you rethink that rice cooker! If you need a quick side of fragrant basmati rice and don’t have time to soak the rice, then learn how to cook basmati rice in an Instant Pot.  Types of basmati rice to use in an Instant…

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smoked salmon on the grill

How to Smoke Salmon – Easy Smoked Salmon Recipe

This hot smoked salmon recipe will give you flaky, smoky, and slightly briny preserved fish to go with any freshly toasted bagel and cream cheese breakfast. With this recipe, you’ll learn that not all smoked salmon is the same and how to save some money at home by making your own.  Background Historically, smoked salmon was used as a way…

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