brewed Aeropress coffee
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How to Use an Aeropress [Coffee Brewing Instructions]

Whether you want a quick and delicious cup of coffee at home, or you want something you can bring to work or on camping trips, Aeropress is a fun and effective choice!
Prep Time3 mins
Cook Time2 mins
Total Time5 mins
Servings: 1 cup
Author: Hungry Huy


  • 17 g coffee beans ground to fine sea salt size
  • 290 g filtered water 70g is for warming tools


  • 1 Aeropress brewer
  • 1 Aeropress paper filter
  • kitchen scale with accuracy to 0.1g
  • electric kettle
  • coffee grinder see notes above
  • spritzer / atomizer


  • Boil 290g filtered water in a kettle.
  • Weigh out 17g coffee beans, spritz with an atomizer (optional), and grind to fine sea salt size. See notes above for details.
  • Invert Aeropress brewer and pull plunger so the seal is around the #4 area on the outer barrel.
  • Add a paper filter to the cap and warm both tools: pour ~10g boiling water on the paper filter and cap, and ~60g into the brew chamber. After about 10 seconds, discard the water.
  • Place the Aeropress onto your scale, pour ground coffee into the brew chamber, tare the scale.
  • Start the timer, and quickly pour in about 220g of the 205F water.
  • After about 75 seconds, give the coffee a quick stir, place the cap on tight and gently press out the coffee over 30 seconds. The entire brew and plunging process should take about 120 seconds total.


Sodium: 14.5mg