Hello! I’m Bryan Huy Vu–a food nerd in love with eating, cooking, photography, science, and culture.

Vietnamese food was always on the table when I was a kid, but I didn’t really care for it until my late teens (what a waste!).  I was a super picky eater and most just wanted fast food. Somewhere down the line I flipped a switch, and now home-cooked food is something I appreciate so much more.

This is a journal of my recipes and food exploration that hopefully will share an appreciation for food with you!


I love allllll foods but have a slight lean towards Vietnamese here, sprinkled in with random cravings I just have to have.

My parents were born in Vietnam, so I’m a first-generation American here. Their unwavering passion for food led them to spend the 90s running a Vietnamese restaurant in California. My mom has a discerning palette that she uses to consistently knock out dishes that essentially brings the family together.

I’m thankful and lucky to have her kitchen expertise and experience in Vietnam to lean on when I want to learn a Vietnamese recipe.


The thought that a photograph can tell a story, take you back in time, make you feel something, and cause a commotion is pretty amazing. I love using photography to share with you my perspective. During my 9-5, I get to work on a lot of photography projects for Your Best Digs too (meaning I get to nerd out with more fun kitchen gadgets!).


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