best gifts for cooks

25 Best Gifts for Cooks & Home Chefs

Trying to find a gift for a friend or family member who loves to cook but not sure where to look? Let me help you get started with some ideas of my favorite kitchen items that I’ve actually tested and used throughout the years. I am very fortunate to have been able to play with some fancy kitchen toys but

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family dinner sharing hot pot at home

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Pot at Home

Hot pot is one of those rare meals where I prefer making it at home versus going to a restaurant–it’s much cheaper to feed a big group, the prep isn’t too tricky, and I can customize the ingredients to what people actually want to eat. While there are many varieties of hot pot, like Japanese shabu shabu or spicy Chinese

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homemade hot pot broth

Easy Hot Pot Broth Recipe

Make this homemade hot pot broth at home for an easy and simple base for your next hot pot party. Whether you want a meat-based broth or veggie-friendly hot pot, this DIY hot pot broth is customizable for you and your guests.  Types of hot pot broth In the simplest terms, hot pot is when you dip raw ingredients into

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air fryer chicken thighs on cooling rack

Air Fryer Chicken Thighs (Crispy & Juicy)

Try these ultra-crispy chicken thighs loaded with savory seasoning–-great for meal prepping during the week for salads, tacos, or an easy protein-packed dinner. These Asian-inspired chicken thighs are full of spice (but not spicy!) and are dry-brined in the fridge to get as much flavor into the chicken as possible. Learn my tips below on how to get the crispiest

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easy sushi bake

Easy Sushi Bake Recipe

Need a crowd-pleasing dish to serve at your next potluck? Make my version of the internet’s viral sushi bake with a rich and tender salmon filling over a bed of seasoned sushi rice and finished with a ton of crispy toppings, like tempura bits and fried shallots.  Learn how to customize your own sushi bake at home with some of

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group of 4 asian desserts

13 Best Asian Desserts To Try (My Personal Recipes)

For all you sweet tooths, here’s a list of 13 Asian desserts I’ve eaten and loved so much I developed recipes for them! In my opinion they’re some of the best Asian desserts out there. Having grown in a Vietnamese household and community, I ate a lot of Asian desserts as a kid and have grown to really appreciate the

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3 pieces of spicy tuna crispy rice

Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

Don’t spend $30 on this Nobu classic when you can make spicy tuna crispy rice at home for a fraction of the price and customize every ingredient. This recipe breaks down how the popular restaurant makes its famous dish and gives tips on getting perfectly crispy rice and adding more complex flavor to traditional spicy tuna mix.  Recipe backstory Restaurants

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Starbucks egg white bites copycat recipe

Starbucks Egg White Bites Copycat Recipe

If you love Starbucks egg white bites but don’t want to pay a lot for two egg bites? Try this homemade version for a healthier and cheaper alternative. Read below for tips on recreating Starbucks’ sous vide egg bites without needing an expensive machine and saving time with a faster method to cook them, too. Starbucks egg white bites Since

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sourdough discard pizza

Sourdough Discard Pizza Dough

Have sourdough discard that you don’t want to waste? Try this tangy and crispy sourdough discard pizza dough recipe. It’s super quick to make on a busy weeknight, and it’ll get you fresh and crispy pizza in under 15 minutes.  Unlike other discard pizza doughs, which are fluffier and have a breadlike consistency, this is a crispier and thinner version

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best disneyland food

The 16 Best Things To Eat At Disneyland

Like any foodie living in SoCal, going to the Disneyland Resort is just as much a food adventure as it is a theme park outing. We’ve been going to Disneyland since we were kindergarteners, so having over 30 years of Disney experience (including half a dozen annual passes) under our belt, we have a growing list of favorite foods and

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sourdough discard pancakes

Sourdough Discard Pancakes

If you feed your sourdough starter regularly, you’ll know the dilemma of finding tasty recipes to make with your sourdough discard so you don’t have to toss it out. Here’s an easy recipe for sourdough discard that makes tangy, fluffy, and light pancakes.  If you’ve had buttermilk pancakes before, these are comparable and can be even more tangy depending on

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egg muffin cups

Egg Muffin Cups

Want a quick and easy breakfast to meal prep for busy days? These egg muffin cups are cheaper than Starbucks egg bites, and you can customize them however you want. Being able to customize a recipe for me, can take something from being good, to amazing! Learn how to recreate these popular sous vide mini-omelets at home with an oven. 

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