air fried tofu on wire rack

Crispy Air Fryer Tofu Recipe

I love eating tofu of all kinds in all types of cuisines. One of my favorite things about tofu is how versatile its flavor can be. Although its texture can be somewhat lacking for some people, crisping it up makes it 100x better, and luckily, it’s easy to do. Learn how to make this air fryer tofu that’s crispy and

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soy based and mayo based poke sauces

2 Easy Poke Sauce Recipes (Soy Sauce or Mayo Based)

I’m going to show you how to make two types of poke sauces here: soy sauce based, and spicy mayo based. It’s very simple to do. There’s a lot of other ingredients you can add to customize each sauce though so I’ll help guide you through tasty options I personally like. After years of eating poke on the mainland, I

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stone bowl of bibimbap

Bibimbap Recipe (Korean Rice Bowl w/ Veggies)

Bibimbap is an optimal dinner if you have leftover banchan and meat from Korean BBQ nights or Kimbap, or if you just want a nice comforting bowl of rice and seasoned fixings. Learn how to make this traditional Korean rice dish that’s mixed with seasoned vegetables, savory proteins, steaming rice, and topped with a spicy gochujang sauce. We’ll be making

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gochujang sauce in a bowl

Easy Gochujang Sauce Recipe

Looking for a change from the same old hot sauce variety at your supermarket? Try this complex Korean gochujang sauce, which is spicy, sweet, and vinegary, the next time you want to top off your bibimbap or other savory dishes. Learn how to make this custom dipping sauce in under 5 minutes below. What is gochujang? Gochujang is a Korean

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jar of homemade everything but the bagel seasoning

Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Recipe

Learn how to make your own Everything But the Bagel seasoning at home in under five minutes! I’ve amped up Trader Joe’s traditional blend for deeper flavor using different ingredients, like roasted sesame seeds. I’ll also give you a quick list of ingredients you can substitute or mix for your own custom flavor profile! What is “Everything But The Bagel”

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best things to do in Paris

21 Best Things To Do In Paris

Paris really surprised us. We had a short, 4-day stay in Paris this year before visiting London. The visit was short, but surprised us in the best ways. The food was delicious, and the coffee scene was top-notch. Snobby, pretentious waiters brushing off English-speaking Americans?? yeah right! We experienced none of that. While there may not be small talk by

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best things to do in London

15 Best Things To Do In London

After our short stay in Paris we took a 2.5 hour train to London where we stayed for about a week and we’re excited to discover the simply endless amount of activities and things to do in London. When we travel we love to try fine dining, casual restaurants, sweets, baked goods, and many, many coffee shops–London brought this on

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best gifts for cooks

25 Best Gifts for Cooks & Home Chefs

Trying to find a gift for a friend or family member who loves to cook but not sure where to look? Let me help you get started with some ideas of my favorite kitchen items that I’ve actually tested and used throughout the years. I am very fortunate to have been able to play with some fancy kitchen toys but

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family dinner sharing hot pot at home

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Pot at Home

Hot pot is one of those rare meals where I prefer making it at home versus going to a restaurant–it’s much cheaper to feed a big group, the prep isn’t too tricky, and I can customize the ingredients to what people actually want to eat. While there are many varieties of hot pot, like Japanese shabu shabu or spicy Chinese

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homemade hot pot broth

Easy Hot Pot Broth Recipe

Make this homemade hot pot broth at home for an easy and simple base for your next hot pot party. Whether you want a meat-based broth or veggie-friendly hot pot, this DIY hot pot broth is customizable for you and your guests.  Types of hot pot broth In the simplest terms, hot pot is when you dip raw ingredients into

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air fryer chicken thighs on cooling rack

Air Fryer Chicken Thighs (Crispy & Juicy)

Try these ultra-crispy chicken thighs loaded with savory seasoning–-great for meal prepping during the week for salads, tacos, or an easy protein-packed dinner. These Asian-inspired chicken thighs are full of spice (but not spicy!) and are dry-brined in the fridge to get as much flavor into the chicken as possible. Learn my tips below on how to get the crispiest

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easy sushi bake

Easy Sushi Bake Recipe

Need a crowd-pleasing dish to serve at your next potluck? Make my version of the internet’s viral sushi bake with a rich and tender salmon filling over a bed of seasoned sushi rice and finished with a ton of crispy toppings, like tempura bits and fried shallots.  Learn how to customize your own sushi bake at home with some of

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