Thit Kho - Vietnamese pork belly and boiled eggs

Thịt Kho Recipe – (Vietnamese Braised Pork with Eggs)

This Vietnamese thịt kho recipe is a low and slow braise with suuuper tender and flavorful pork, with hard-boiled eggs that have absorbed all the seasoning too. It’s traditionally served around the lunar new year because of how well it keeps after cooking. It’s savory, salty, and slightly sweet seasoned mainly with fish sauce and soy sauce paired with hard-boiled eggs.…

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nuoc mau / caramel color reduced in a pan

Vietnamese Caramel Sauce Recipe (Nước Màu)

Nước Màu, or caramel sauce is added for color in a lot of Vietnamese recipes, and it’s easy to make! All you need is sugar and water. This recipe makes enough for my thịt kho recipe, but you can easily triple or quadruple this recipe to store in the fridge. It’s currently tailored to be more liquidy for Thịt Kho.…

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