bowl of bun thit nuong with dipping sauce

Bún Thịt Nướng Recipe (Vietnamese Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles)

This is love in a bowl. If you’ve had bún thịt nướng you know what I’m talking about. You have your sweet bits, sour bits, caramelization, some crunch, and aromatic herbs in a single, colorful arrangement. This was one of the more popular dishes at my mom’s restaurant back in the day! Depending in which restaurant you order your grilled…

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vietnamese pickled greens / dua chua

Vietnamese Pickled Mustard Greens – Dưa Chua Recipe

One of the staples my mom and grandma kept in the kitchen was dưa chua, or pickled mustard greens. It was often served as a side dish for meals throughout the day. These pickled greens counter-balance many salty dishes such as thịt kho. Northern Vietnamese more commonly eat this with thịt đông. I remember seeing a plate of this at…

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Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe (Bò Bía Recipe)

The name bò bía is likely a Vietnamese adaptation of the Chinese roll “popiah.” These two foods are quite different though. It’s plausible to think bò bía was adapted by the Vietnamese and ingredients were substituted with what was available. The first noticeable change is the Vietnamese use a rice paper wrapper instead of a wheat-based one. Other changes include the sauce and…

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Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I never thought I’d be craving a vegetable soup. Until now. In fact, I have strong memories as a kid, really hating the taste of tomatoes. Tomatoes even in a burgers were crossing the line. During my weekly piano lessons, my teacher would throw back a little bottle of V8 vegetable juice, leaving her breath with the wretched smell of…

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egg roll and noodles with dipping sauce

Vietnamese Egg Rolls & Rice Noodles Recipe (Bún Chả Giò)

Snacking on chả giò (egg rolls) plain is fine if you’re in a rush, but sometimes I need something more substantial. Plus I get to pat myself on the back for actually eating some greens. Bún chả giò is one good way to handle that. The bowl is lined with fresh shredded lettuce at the bottom, then topped with just rice vermicelli and…

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nước chấm / Vietnamese fish dipping sauce bowl

Vietnamese Fish Sauce Recipe (Nước Chấm)

Getting the hang of making this Vietnamese dipping sauce (nước chấm) is an important step to making your cuisine just right. Since it’s just about everywhere in Vietnamese cooking, it’s simply referred to as “dipping sauce”. This is a dipping sauce I grew up with as a kid, with mom and grandma making this pretty often, for the dishes that…

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crispy egg roll plate

Vietnamese Egg Rolls Recipe (Chả Giò)

My mom is a great cook and a very generous person. Her keen sense of taste and relentless persistence allows her to fine-tune recipes until they’re worthy of sharing. It was mom and grandma’s cooking that made their home the gathering point for lunch and dinner multiple times a week. Additionally, she readily and happily contributes large quantities of home-cooked food for family…

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mo hanh / scallion in oil condiment in a plate

Vietnamese Scallions & Oil Garnish Recipe (Mỡ Hành)

This is a simple garnish of scallion and oil for Vietnamese foods. It’s found on a lot of dishes such as bún chả giò (egg rolls with noodles), thịt nướng (grilled pork), bánh hỏi, sườn nướng (pork chops), bánh bèo, cơm tấm bì and many others. So it goes very well with grilled meats or rice noodle dishes. What is it?…

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a jar of Vietnamese do chua / pickles

Vietnamese Pickled Carrots & Daikon Radish Recipe (Đồ Chua)

If you’ve had Vietnamese food, you’ve probably at some point caught a whiff of these pungent Vietnamese pickled carrots and daikon. These are what you find inside Vietnamese bánh mì but also served on the side for various other recipes too. Sometimes you’ll see it extremely heavy on the carrots with almost no daikon, but I like it with the…

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string beans with garlic & hoisin sauce

String Beans With Garlic & Hoisin Sauce

For a quick side dish, sometimes I like to saute some green beans. This is like a side dish you find at many Chinese restaurants except the green beans are swapped out for the thinner string beans, which I was just in the mood for. Other variations of this side dish which I still want to try out include oyster…

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Lu Rou Fan Recipe (Taiwanese Stewed Pork with Hard-Boiled Eggs)

Lu rou fan, or stewed pork with rice, is a very common dish in Taiwan. The pork is seasoned and stewed until very tender and served over rice. Meat that’s stewed like this is fork-tender, something I really like. It’s a simple and satisfying dish considered comfort food by many. It is very similar to the Vietnamese thit heo kho in…

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bowl of champorado

Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding) Recipe

Champorado is a delicious kind of chocolate rice pudding eaten in the Philippines. This is not to be confused with the Mexican champurrado, which is more of a hot chocolate drink. I had a roommate a while back that was freaking out with excitement when she discovered a pot of this was cooking up in the kitchen. It’s a rare treat around…

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