Food & Family in Portland, Oregon


My trip to Oregon was made possible because of my super-generous cousins Chris and Erica. They opened up their home up to me, gave me tours, fed me (!), put up with my insatiable junk food appetite & other nonsense I threw at them 🙂


The main event here was to celebrate [the talented] Chris‘ fancy backyard 30th birthday bash. On their days off from work and school, they were kind enough to give me tours of Portland, Beaverton, and Erica’s home town of Silverton.

So here’s a recap of my food & shenanigans from this trip.

The Beaverton Farmer’s Market:


A view of the Portland Aerial Tram from the Oregon Health & Science University:


Tiny Chemex brewing:


Finished off a day’s work at Coava Coffee downtown after having some greasy sandwiches for lunch. Coava transformed a warehouse space into their beautiful shop:


Portlanders love their food trucks so much that I’ve only seen pods of permanent food “carts” here. I did as many trips to these as possible! Here’s a stop by Fish Box for lunch:


Grilled veggies for a few gallons of salsa for the birthday boy’s party:


Bauer, a gentle beast, showing this tree branch who’s boss:


Incredible pasta and bread at Grassa, downtown:


Exploring Portland with my cousin Brandon, eating so much good food!


Yet another incredible meal! Fried catfish po’ boy sandwiches at Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen. They run out of this hot item early in the day:


BBQ, baconned oysters:


As much food as I got to eat here, there are countless number of coffee shops and food spots I didn’t get to check off. More stuff to explore next time in Portland!

I could be happy living in Portland, for many reasons except that the city has too much of a small town feel. So for now, perhaps yearly visits will suffice. How do y’all feel about Portland? Where should I travel next? 🙂

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3 comments on “Food & Family in Portland, Oregon

  1. Fern says:

    This post was so helpful and the photos are fantastic. 🙂 Thanks for recapping your trip! I’ll be going to Portland next month and I’m compiling a list of places to eat – I’ve added Grassa and Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen to the list.

    Looking forward to more food recommendations in the future!

    1. Jennifer Nguyen says:

      I love Portland’s food trucks. Portland is one of my favorite cities for food! Love your blog. 🙂

  2. Thuong Tran says:

    I live in Portland and the food scene here is amazing; more great things than you can imagine because they seem to be hidden and unless you live here, visits won’t be enough to discover.
    It’s a small city, city – not town, but I like this city more and more because big cities are just overwhelming and over-rated; high living cost but decreasing quality of life. Portland is more like a hidden gem to me, more and more people from CA are moving here, companies start to open offices here. I hope it won’t become a crowded, over-populated city too soon.

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