22 Best Restaurants in Chicago (My Personal Favorites)

Our Chicago trips are always a blast, and we’ve gone three times in a single year at this point. There’s no denying that Chicago has a ton of fun activities and sightseeing to offer (see our list of the Best Things To Do In Chicago!), but when hunger sets in, there’s an unending list of restaurants to try. We snuck in some tours, a magic show, and hit up farmer’s markets but hit up so many good restaurants in between.

I must admit that the beer and coffee scene is not as bustling as I’m used to in Orange County, Portland, Austin, or other cities we’ve visited, but it’s still worth a visit just for the food. Below are some of the best restaurants in Chicago we are grateful to have tried!

Armitage Alehouse

Armitage Alehouse - bar

Stepping into the Armitage Alehouse is like getting transported to another time and place. 

As you walk through the door, you’re enveloped in a world filled with rich and eclectic interiors, cozy booth seats, and intricate wood details throughout the bar and the back dining room. It does feel like you’re in London during the 1920s. 

Armitage Alehouse's bone marrow pot pie

This British Indian gastropub is perfect for date night or a fun time with a small group of friends. Armitage Alehouse is located in Lincoln Park and a 15-minute drive from downtown Chicago, but you can easily take the metro to this restaurant since it’s only a two-minute walk from the nearest station. 

Armitage Alehouse sticky date cake

Order any pot pie specials, and you won’t be disappointed, mainly because they bake it with a hunk of bone marrow. For dessert, the sticky date cake was melt-in-your-mouth good and easily shareable between 3-4 people. Since this is a pub, we recommend getting a pint of beer and the Queen’s cup if you like cocktails. 

Type of food: British Indian gastropub
Price: $$$ ($65 pp)
What to order: any pot pie specials, tandoori-style roasted chicken with lentil daal, sticky date cake, queen’s cup cocktail
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
Address: 1000 W Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60614
Website | Yelp

The Aviary

The Aviary is part of the Alinea Group, headed by famed chef Grant Achatz. Like Alinea, it’s also focused on experimental and gastronomical techniques, but for cocktails. The menu indicates how extravagant each cocktail is–obviously, I picked King’s Peach because it’s the most dramatic. To make this cocktail, they use a siphon over a fire to brew the ingredients. It’s pretty entertaining and a liquor-forward drink. There are so many options, so talk to your server for suggestions. 

While this drink had some flair, many of the other cocktails didn’t have much drama in the presentation. The vibe for the Aviary is a little more glam than what we expected and seemed like a place for people to make business deals. The Aviary is located in Fulton Market, and we recommend reservations. They offer a la carte reservations, but if you’re in the mood for an adventure, they also have a pre-fixe option to try a set of different cocktails. This is probably the most I’ve ever spent on cocktails, but you get a show with each drink. 

Type of food: cocktail bar
Price: $$$ ($65 pp)
What to order: king’s peach, ferrand’s with benefits
Neighborhood: Fulton Market
Address: 955 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607
Website | Yelp


Kasama brunch plate, tosilog

Eating at Kasama was one of my favorite Michelin star experiences. It’s the first Filipino American restaurant that’s received the coveted award, and its innovative and delicious dishes deserve it. Located in the East Ukrainian Village, this restaurant is a little bit farther away from central Chicago, and you may need to take a car ride to visit. 

Kasama's salmon

They offer brunch and a prix-fixe dinner at different price points, so it’s great to experience Kasama cuisine if you’re on a budget or want a fancier meal. But, hands down, my favorite pastry to try at brunch was the ube huckleberry basque cake. This isn’t just your typical pastry with ube extract–it’s a treat with a buttery crisp crust and sweet and tangy filling. 

Kasama's halo halo

The pre-fixe dinner gave me a new experience with Filipino American cuisine. I’ve spent years eating Filipino food in many family homes, US restaurants, and even in the Philippines, but eating at Kasama felt like a contemporary take on traditional dishes done in the most respectful way. My favorite courses were the nilaga made with bone marrow, adobo with mushroom and mussel emulsion, and halo halo granita.   

Type of food: Filipino American 
Price: $$-$$$ ($30 pp for brunch or $235 pre-fixe dinner pp)
What to order: pre-fixe dinner, ube huckleberry basque cake
Neighborhood: East Village
Address: 1001 N Winchester Ave., Chicago, IL 60622
Website | Yelp

Girl & the Goat

Girl & The Goat interior

Even though there’s a nearby location in SoCal, I wanted to try the original Girl & the Goat restaurant in the West Loop of Chicago. This restaurant is the brainchild of Stephanie Izard, the first female winner of Top Chef. Girl & the Goat labels itself as a modern restaurant serving global cuisine. All dishes are served family style, so it’s best to bring friends or family!

Our favorite dishes were the wood oven-roasted pig face with potato stix, salmon poke with strawberries, and confit goat belly with quinoa crunchies. You know it’s a great meal when you bring a non-foodie guest who mentions how this experience changed how they look at food. Unfortunately, this place is pretty popular and books out quickly, so I recommend making reservations ahead of time (about two weeks).

Girl & The Goat cocktails

In 2023, I revisited Girl & the Goat with friends who hadn’t tried the Chicago location, and I’m so happy it was just as amazing as the first experience. This was our favorite meal of the trip because the food was delicious, and the service was top-notch. I originally ordered a pickled martini drink that was just a little too strong for me, and our server caught on quickly and offered to make me a new drink and guided me to a better choice.

Girl & The Goat pork shank

Our favorites from this trip were the pork shank that offered a ton of meat and sides, any salad in season (truly! This place knows how to make a good salad with nuanced flavors like pairing salmon and strawberries), green beans seasoned with fish sauce, and their seasonal desserts.

Type of food: American
Price: $$$ ($60 pp)
What to order: wood oven-roasted pig face, ora king salmon, goat belly, pork shank, any salad in season, green beans, seasonal dessert 
Neighborhood: West Loop / Fulton Market
Address: 809 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607
Website | Yelp


I love pizza but have always been skeptical about Chicago’s famous deep-dish-style pizza. All the deep-dish pizzas I’ve had in the past were always too doughy and chewy. Well, I was wrong. Our first endeavor with deep-dish pizza in Chicago was Giordano’s, and it changed my mind. 

First, even a small-sized deep-dish pizza is enormous and can easily feed 3-4 people. It comes in a cake pan about 2-3 inches thick. The crust itself is most similar to a pie crust–it’s buttery, flaky, and perfectly crispy. The center is layered with an al dente dough at the bottom, cheesy mozzarella, and tangy and bold marinara (and other toppings you might want). It’s best eaten fresh to savor all the textures together.  

Each pizza takes about 40-45 minutes to bake in the oven, so I recommend reading the menu beforehand so you can order immediately after sitting down. I would also order appetizers like fried calamari to ease your stomach during your wait, but don’t eat too much! Leave some room for this crispy and saucy slice. 

Type of food: Chicago deep-dish pizza
Price: $$ ($30 pp)
What to order: Chicago classic deep dish
Neighborhood: River North (also various)
Address: 130 E Randolph, Chicago, IL 60601 (also various)
Website | Yelp

Lazy Bird Cocktail

Lazy Bird's cocktails

The Lazy Bird Cocktail bar is a great lounge where you can choose from over 50 cocktails, like an art deco vibe, and want to listen to live music. But first, you need to find it! We had a little trouble locating this bar because they have a neon sign with the bar’s name on the side of the building; however, you will need to enter the Hoxton Chicago Hotel through the lobby and take the stairs down to the cellar. 

Once you’re in, we recommend ordering the paloma, clover club, or mojito to sip on. There’s bar seating, booths, and cocktail tables available. It’s first come, first serve unless you have a group (up to eight) that wants to reserve a VIP table. 

Type of food: cocktail bar
Price: $$ ($30 pp)
What to order: paloma, mojito, clover club 
Neighborhood: Fulton Market
Address: 200 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607
Website | Yelp


Lyra's lamb and pita plate

Located in the heart of Chicago’s Fulton Market, Lyra features Greek and Mediterranean food with locally sourced ingredients. I love the design of the space because it has an open kitchen and large wood and coal hearth. They also offer indoor and outdoor dining for brunch and dinner.

Our favorite was the slow-roasted lamb gyro because of its ultra-tender and juicy shredded lamb topped with a citrus dressing. During dinner, the roasted lamb is carved at your table. It has plenty of Athenian accouterments like handmade pita bread, tzatziki, hummus, and sliced onions. 

We recommend making a reservation here ahead of time so you can choose where to sit. They offer different seating options like the main dining room, private rooms like the Mykonos sunset or Kava wine cellar, and the oval bar seating. If you love a lively experience, we recommend the standard main dining room or the oval bar seating. But if you have a small party or group with you, we recommend the Kava wine cellar.  

Type of food: Greek, Mediterranean
Price: $$ ($35 pp)
What to order: slow-roasted lamb gyros
Neighborhood: Fulton Market
Address: 905 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607
Website | Yelp

Fisk & Co.

Fisk & Co. lobster roll and fries

Fisk & Co. is part of the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in the downtown area of Chicago. They serve fresh seafood and have a full bar, so it’s great for a small snack or dinner. I loved the Thai curry mussels because it was a new take on traditional white wine mussels and bread. They also have a varied selection of raw oysters on the half shell. They take reservations, but you can also hop onto the bar and sit in the lounge if you don’t have a reservation. 

Fisk & Co. mussels

Type of food: seafood bars
Price: $$$ ($70 pp)
What to order: raw oysters on the half shell, Thai curry mussels, lobster roll
Neighborhood: The Loop
Address: 225 N Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL 60601
Website | Yelp

Sawada Coffee

Sawada Coffee line

World Latte Art champion Hiroshi Sawada started Sawada Coffee. It’s in an industrial-style cafe connected to a small food hall with ample seating. If I lived in Chicago, this would be my main coffee joint to work in during the week. The two times I got coffee here during the weekend, the line was packed and snaked toward the door.

Sawada cappuccino

As a matcha lover, I really liked Sawada Coffee, especially their Military latte, which combines matcha, espresso, and vanilla. They use their blend of matcha that gives you a strong flavor and doesn’t disappear with the bolder flavor of coffee. Another popular drink is the black camo latte with roasted matcha (or hojicha) and espresso. If you end up falling in love with their drinks, you can also order their matcha blends and roasted espresso beans in-store or online. 

Type of food: coffee & tea
Price: $$ ($10 pp)
What to order: military latte, latte
Neighborhood: West Loop
Address: 112 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607
Website | Yelp

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Starbucks Reserve Roastery coffee bar

If you love the art of coffee, you need to visit the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago. Unlike typical Starbucks shops, Reserve Roasteries are stores experimenting with different techniques for roasting and making coffee. There are only six Reserve Roasteries in the World, and Chicago is the newest location. You can explore four floors with varied coffee types, fresh pastries and savory dishes, and even a full bar on the top floor. 

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Hawaii single origin brew

Just make sure you don’t come here expecting a frappuccino or caramel drizzle anything because they don’t make typical Starbucks drinks. Our favorites are the espresso or pour-over flights, seasonal favorites like the hazelnut bianco latte, or espresso martinis. Don’t skip out on the food because we also love the apricot tart and shakshuka. This is also a great place to buy souvenirs like the specialty roast blends they make in-house. 

Starbucks Reserve Roastery ham and cheese croissant sandwiches

Type of food: coffee roastery, cafe
Price: $$ ($15 pp)
What to order: seasonal favorites (hazelnut bianco latte), apricot tart, flights
Neighborhood: River North
Address: 646 N Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611
Website | Yelp

Garrett’s Popcorn

Garrett's Popcorn - cheese, and caramel

Garrett’s Popcorn is the way to go if you’re looking for a souvenir for someone back home that won’t break the bank or collect dust on their shelf. There are so many locations throughout Chicago (and even one opening up at Midway Airport), so they’re easy to pop into and buy fresh popcorn. 

They sell flavors like caramel crisp with or without roasted nuts, cheese, and seasonal flavors like white chocolate. You can also pick different-sized bags or buckets depending on your budget. I recommend not mixing the flavors because this quickly changes the texture. For example, the cheese popcorn sogs up the crispiness of the caramel-coated ones. The buckets are also best if you want to preserve them for longer. Try your best to avoid eating them before landing!

Type of food: specialty popcorn 
Price: $$ ($20 pp)
What to order: Garrett mix, caramel crisp, cheese, any nut caramel crisp flavor
Neighborhood: Various
Address: various
Website | Yelp

Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza

Lou Malnati’s is a staple in Chicago, and we received a lot of recommendations for its deep-dish pizza. Since it’s so popular, there are various locations throughout Chicago. Just like Giordano’s, this place can get busy, so we recommend coming during off hours, like after lunch and before dinner. 

Lou Malnati’s differs from other pizza places because you order before you’re seated. Baking a deep dish takes quite a while (about 40 minutes), so this helps speed up the process while you’re waiting for your seat. 

I liked the deep dish Malnati Chicago classic, but they also offer personal-sized pizzas if you’re not too hungry, they also offer personal-sized pizzas. If you don’t have time to wait, you can also order take-out or delivery. But if you want a taste of Chicago from across the country, they also ship frozen pizzas to your door with instructions. 

Type of food: Chicago deep-dish pizza
Price: $$ ($20 pp)
What to order: deep dish Malnati Chicago Classic
Neighborhood: Various
Address: Various
Website | Yelp

Relish Chicago Hot Dogs

Relish Chicago Dogs stand

A classic Chicago-style street dog. It’s not meant to be fancy or frilly, but it was just plain good. It was an all-beef hot dog with all the fixins that made it Chicago-style: pickle slice, tomato, poppy seed bun, mustard, and peppers. It was $6 at a semi-permanent structure at a prominent street corner, and it was everything I thought it would be–simple and delicious!

Type of food: Chicago-style hot dog stands
Price: $ ($10 pp)
What to order: Chicago dog
Neighborhood: The Loop
Address: various

Nine Bar

Nine Bar - cocktails

Chinatown might be a bit of a trek if you are staying in the North Side or the Loop area, but I would say it’s so worth it for Nine Bar. The inside vibes are dark neon colors with red lanterns flying above the ceiling and bar. The food and drinks were delicious, and my favorites were the mapo hot fries, chili cucumbers, and McKatsu sandwich, which was an Asian twist on the traditional McDonald’s burger. They have Asian-inspired cocktails as well, highlighting ingredients like pandan, coconut, and lemongrass. My favorite was the Paradise Lost cocktail that was made with Thai coconut milk, ube, and pineapple–it was refreshing after the trip down to Chinatown. 

Nine Bar - food

We used the Red Line to get to Chinatown from River North, and it took about 20 minutes. Nine Bar is within walking distance from the Metro Station and is a short two-block walk. Just make sure to look for their emblem or sign that says “Moon Palace,” and you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a bouncer sitting inside. If you look lost, the nice staff will most likely be standing by the doorway and ask if you’re looking for the bar, this is what happened with us. You are able to reserve seats, however, if you get there early enough, you can walk in easily. We went around 6:00 P.M. and beat the rush. 

Type of food: Asian, cocktail & gastro bar
Price: $$ ($45 pp)
What to order: mapo hot fries, paradise lost cocktail, cucumbers, McKatsu
Neighborhood: Chinatown
Address: 216 W Cermak Rd Chicago, IL 60616
Website | Yelp

Good Ambler

Good Ambler counter

Situated in Fulton Market on the West side of Chicago and inside the Mondelez headquarters, you’ll find the Good Ambler cafe. This place was the perfect spot to start our morning with some fresh pastries and coffee. Its ample seating meant we didn’t have to wait for a table, and it looked like it was the perfect place to relax with friends or even work remotely. 

Good Ambler pastries

We waited in line to order, but it didn’t take long. Some of my favorites were the twice-baked hazelnut chocolate croissant, bacon jam Danish, and the kouign amann. I wouldn’t recommend their truffles because they weren’t as flavorful as we would’ve liked. For example, their Earl Grey truffle didn’t taste like tea or florals at all and just chocolate-forward. In addition to pastries, they also served savory breakfast dishes like quiche and sandwiches. 

Good Ambler is located a few blocks from the Metro Station, and you can get there from River North within 15-20 minutes using the Green or Pink lines. 

Type of food: American bakery, cafe 
Price: $ ($20 pp)
What to order: twice-baked hazelnut chocolate croissant, bacon jam Danish, kouign amann
Neighborhood: Fulton Market
Address: 216 N Peoria Ave Chicago, IL 60607
Website | Yelp

Green Street Smoked Meats

Green Street Smoked Meats

After the third time I visited Chicago, I finally made time to visit Green Street Smoked Meats, and I was not disappointed. This popular BBQ spot is located in the same building as Sawada Coffee and has the cool vibe of an industrial building with hanging lights, picnic tables, a full bar, and access to the alley of tables and other restaurants. 

I’m so used to waiting hours for good BBQs in Austin and even in Orange County, but I was really surprised that I just walked into a small line of five people at 11 A.M. on a Saturday. Within 15 minutes, I had a plate full of brisket, beef short rib, and sides. I was even more surprised at the reasonable prices. For three people, we paid about $88 for 2 lb of meat and three sides. 

We did request the fattier part of the brisket (and I ALWAYS request this to help avoid the drier, leaner portion), and it was full of flavor and extra tender. The beef rib was the star of the show because it was super tender and savory. It cost $35 per pound, and we ended up with a one-and-a-half-pound piece. I don’t think I would order the cornbread again because it lacked flavor, but the broccoli salad paired perfectly with its tangy and sweet flavor. 

Green Street Smoked Meats is located in West Loop, and it’s easy to get there on the Metro from North River using green or pink cars. 

Type of food: American BBQ
Price: $$ ($30 pp)
What to order: smoked brisket, beef short rib, broccoli salad
Neighborhood: West Loop
Address: 112 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607
Website | Yelp

Bar Mar by José Andrés

Bar Mar counter

Bar Mar by José Andrés was my first restaurant by the synonymous chef, and overall, I thought it was a bit overpriced for the experience. Bar Mar features a range of seafood tapas to be shared with your group and is known for its appetizers like Neptune’s Pillows, which are basically fried and puffed pieces of dough topped with spicy tuna on top. While these were decent, I don’t think I would’ve rated it as my favorite dish. 

Bar Mar food

I much preferred the tinned mackerel and fresh pieces of bread with tomato puree, or the pulpo a la gallega, aka an extra tender dish of sauteed octopus that was perfectly seasoned. I also really loved the flan dessert because there was a balance between sweet and tangy flavors of passion fruit and creme. I was, however, put off by a weird interaction with the server about ordering dessert; She made it sound like she was offering me free dessert but then charged me for it later on. 

Bar Mar has plenty of open reservations and beautifully designed interiors that feature a huge pink octopus structure above the central bar. It’s the perfect place to take photos. It’s located in the Financial District and is a quick walk to the riverfront for an after-meal walk. Overall, Bar Mar has some good dishes, but I wouldn’t rely solely on this place for an entire meal. 

Type of food: Seafood, Latin American
Price: $$ ($60 pp)
What to order: mackerel en aceite de oliva and pulpo a la gallega
Neighborhood: The Loop
Address: 120 N Wacker Dr Chicago, IL 60606
Website | Yelp


Aba interior

Aba features Mediterranean tapas for brunch and dinner. They have locations in Miami, Austin, and Chicago. I would definitely recommend making reservations because they book out many weeks in advance. I was able to book a brunch reservation for Chicago a month ahead, and I was so glad I did because we got better seats on a sunny day on the roof. For the Chicago location, you get to choose indoor or outdoor seating, and I recommend outdoor since it’s a rooftop restaurant if the weather permits. 

Aba short rib hummus

When you arrive at the building, you’ll need to take an elevator to the roof, and you’re instantly assaulted by a heavily perfumed lobby. The decor is really pretty, filled with rustic wood and greens throughout the restaurant – even live trees in the middle of the restaurant–it’s a great place for celebrations. 

Come in groups so you can share more dishes because each of them is rather filling, like the crispy short rib hummus, khachapuri, and other spreads. There’s plenty of pita bread to go around, but don’t make the mistake like we did and fill up on bread before the main entree of basmati rice and kebabs. For three people, we shared five dishes, and we still had leftovers. We stayed full for hours and didn’t eat until dinner because this meal was so delicious. 

Type of food: Mediterranean, tapas
Price: $$ ($55 pp)
What to order: crispy short rib hummus, house-made stracciatella, khachapuri, and avocado & sweet pea spread
Neighborhood: Fulton Market
Address: 302 N Green St Fl 3 Chicago, IL 60607
Website | Yelp

Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum 

Chiu Quon Bakery foods

Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum is known for its dim sum and has a long-running gallery wall of famous politicians and celebrities who have eaten at this shop for decades. We couldn’t miss this opportunity and came back to Chinatown right before our flight. They’re known for their melon buns and pork BBQ buns, so of course, we ordered a LOT of these and many more things. 

Our favorites were the BBQ pork buns, BBQ pork melon buns (basically similar to the baked buns, but they have a sweet crackly coating on top), red bean mini mooncakes, and turnip cakes. Each item was priced very affordably, so if you’re on a budget, this is a great place to eat. It’s open from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. too. 

This spot is a no-nonsense place without any tables, chairs, or bathrooms, but you can prop up and eat on the standing counter to eat your food immediately. It’s also cash only, so make sure you bring some with you; otherwise, you’ll need to use the ATM inside. We brought about $30, and that was enough for three people and more. 

Type of food: Dim Sum, Chinese 
Price: $ ($5 pp)
What to order: BBQ pork buns, BBQ pork melon buns, moon cakes, turnip cakes
Neighborhood: Chinatown
Address: 2253 S Wentworth Ave Chicago, IL 60616
Website | Yelp

Cafe Cremerie

Cafe Cremerie counter

I wasn’t expecting to visit Cafe Cremerie at all, but I just happened to stumble into this cute, Parisian-inspired coffee shop while walking on State Street. Let me tell you, I was so happy to stop by because the owner knew exactly how I wanted my coffee when I explained my adjustments–and it was one of the best cups of coffee I had the entire trip. She even asked if I needed any other adjustments after making me an iced flat white. 

Cafe Cremerie also offers food options like tiramisu and savory dishes like pizza. There are tables and chairs towards the back of the shop, where there’s a cute window view of a lush courtyard. This cafe was a little expensive at about $6 per coffee, but being used to California’s specialty coffee scene, we’re used to seeing these prices. Cafe Cremerie is next door to one of my favorite souvenir shops in Chicago called P.O.S.H., so make sure you stop by if you need cute household boutique items to take home. 

Type of food: Cafe
Price: $ ($10 pp)
What to order: iced latte, pastries 
Neighborhood: North Side
Address: 615 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654
Website | Yelp

Three Dots and a Dash

Three Dots and a Dash drinks

Three Dots and a Dash is much more fun than I thought it would be. I’ve been to plenty of tiki bars in Orange County and Southern California, but this was definitely bigger and offered a more lounge and restaurant vibe than previous places I’ve been to. 

Finding Three Dots and a Dash might be a little difficult because the entrance is behind the alley on Hubbard St. All you have to look for are the straw hatched overhand and murals to know you’ve found the right place. It’s easier to find in the daylight, but it was hard during the night time–if we hadn’t been with someone who previously went, we would’ve circled the block. Note that once you enter, you will need to go downstairs to reach the bar. There’s also a speakeasy attached called the Bamboo Bar next door, and I am definitely making a reservation there next time. 

I would recommend making a reservation ahead of time because this place is popular.  If you don’t have a reserved table, you will still be able to grab a drink at the bar, but you might be standing by the DJ booth or the bar through the night. It’s super huge, though, and I didn’t feel too packed by the bar. Their drinks are fresh and high quality – nothing worse than getting artificial banana flavors in your tiki drink. It changed the way I thought about bananas in anything I eat. Prices were mid-level, and each cocktail was about $15-$20, which are prices that are similar to Los Angeles. This was definitely our favorite bar we’ve visited. 

Type of food: Tiki bar
Price: $$ ($35 pp)
What to order: banana daiquiri, three dots and a dash
Neighborhood: North Side
Address: 435 N Clark St Back alley on Hubbard St Chicago, IL 60654
Website | Yelp

Cindy’s Rooftop 

Cindy's Rooftop Bar view

If you want a nice rooftop bar that showcases Millennium Park and Chicago’s skyline, go to Cindy’s Rooftop. The bar is located in the Chicago Athletic Association building, and you need to take the second elevator to the highest floor. This will take you to the glass atrium, where the bar is located. From Cindy’s Rooftop, you can easily see Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Cloud Gate, and Lake Michigan. 

The rooftop is perfectly positioned, facing the East Side of the city; During the hot afternoon, it offers you plenty of shade from the nearby towering buildings, and you still feel the nice breeze to cool you off. While the inside tables require reservations, the outside rooftop bar is open for walk-ins, but this can get a bit packed. We opted for Aperol spritzes that were perfect for the hot Fall day. Note that dining is only available indoors. 

Type of food: American, Cocktail bar, Rooftop bar
Price: $$ ($30 pp)
What to order: aperol spritzes
Neighborhood: The Loop
Address: 12 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60603
Website | Yelp

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