siopao asado buns

Siopao Asado (Filipino Steamed Pork Buns)

Sweet, rich, and melt in your mouth pork asado braised to perfection wrapped in a super soft and pillowy steamed bun–this siopao asado will satisfy any hunger craving. My parents’ love language was food, so they always made sure they fed us small Filipino snacks, like siopao or beef empanadas, during our many family road trips to prevent hangry tantrums.…

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ube waffle closeup

Ube Waffles (Crispy Outside & Chewy Mochi-Like Inside)

This ube waffle is extraordinary with its ultra chewy, mochi-like centers with a light and crispy crust–let’s not even get started on the sweet and nutty flavor of this traditional Filipino purple yam. If you are addicted to my pandan waffles or vegan pandan waffles (or even mochi donuts!), then you’ll love this new ube version; It’s just as easy…

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overhead plate of Filipino pancit palabok

Pancit Palabok (Filipino Rice Noodles w/ Pork & Shrimp)

This pancit palabok recipe features rice noodles layered with a golden colored savory shrimp and pork sauce and topped with crispy chicharon morsels, fried garlic slices, steaming boiled eggs, fragrant scallions, and sprinkled with zesty lime juice. You might be surprised to know that eating noodles is a part of many celebratory events in Filipino and Filipino American culture–just like…

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steamed puto with and without cheese

Puto (Filipino Steamed Rice Cakes)

This puto recipe will give you airy, light and slightly sweet steamed rice cakes which are a Filipino classic. As a kid, there was always puto served on the dessert table at our family parties (or boodle fights) and they were always the perfect bite-sized pieces to sneak before dinner would start.  While there are plenty of premade puto cake…

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large plate of pork adobo with eggs

Pork Adobo (Filipino Stewed Pork Belly & Eggs)

Super tender and rich chunks of pork belly braised in a tangy and savory sauce–this traditional Filipino pork adobo recipe is easier to follow than you would imagine! If you love salt & vinegar chips where the flavor just punches you in the mouth, then you’ll love the flavor of this pork adobo which, much like chicken adobo, unsurprisingly goes…

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plate of chicken inasal

Chicken Inasal (Filipino Grilled Chicken)

Chicken inasal is the perfect balance of smoky, peppery, and citrus flavored chicken legs marinated to tender perfection and traditionally charcoal grilled. This chicken is served with steamed rice, a salty soy and vinegar dipping sauce, and goes great with some Filipino pickles too. This is an easy and delicious Filipino barbecue idea for your next grilling party or boodle…

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chicken liver pate recipe

Chicken Liver Pâté Recipe

This creamy and rich chicken liver pâté recipe is full of buttery, fatty flavor and amazing to eat with even just a slice of baguette. You will most likely see Vietnamese pâté in bánh mì and it’s the perfect amount of extra flavor that boosts the sandwich’s flavor. If you want to make bánh mi at home and don’t want to…

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Filipino sisig on sizzling cast iron platter

Sizzling Pork Sisig (Charcoal Grilled)

Hot and sizzling, fatty pieces of pork with crunchy, sweet purple onions mixed in tangy lime juice and savory soy sauce dressing–this sisig recipe will make your mouth water. None other than the late Anthony Bourdain claims sisig is the best drinking food, while others will fight with you that nothing beats Korean Fried Chicken for that seat. But in…

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finished Filipino pandesal

Pandesal (Soft & Fluffy Filipino Bread Rolls)

Piping hot right out of the oven, these pandesal rolls fill your mouth with buttery and slightly sweet flavors. Its fluffy center combined with the crisp outer layer of bread crumbs make every bite heavenly. Like many Filipino breakfast staples (such as Filipino garlic fried rice), it’s so good you’ll want to make this pandesal recipe for every meal! Background…

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bowl of kare kare with rice plate

Kare Kare (Filipino Oxtail, Vegetable & Peanut Sauce Stew)

Kare kare is a rich and peanut buttery oxtail and beef stew that is braised for over two hours, includes a cornucopia of tender vegetables, and served with a side of steaming white rice Like sinigang na baboy, kare kare is a classic Filipino stew that makes it the perfect comfort food. This hearty dish is definitely a labor of…

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pouring milk into black tea

Milk Tea W/ Boba (Hot Bubble Milk Tea)

Nutty and caramelized flavors in a steamy and hot milk tea with an extra chewy treat of boba at the bottom — this hot almond milk tea recipe will satisfy any sweet cravings. Hot almond milk tea was one of the most popular drinks that was sold at the boba cafe my girlfriend worked at in college, and while it’s…

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bowl of dim sum chicken feet

Dim Sum Chicken Feet

Every time I make these braised chicken feet, or fèng zhǎo (meaning phoenix talons), they fill the air with the savory and aromatic smells of star anise, spicy fermented chili oil, and fragrant garlic. They’re a dim sum staple in China and many places around the world, but making them at home will give you fresh and fall off the…

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